Latest feature pack ECU listing
13th of Jan, 2020
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Revised Nistune boards being released
16th of July, 2015

We are phasing in updated boards which use newer components to address obsolesce issues with the 5 volt parts used on our current boards, which are being phased out by suppliers

Updated version boards will be replacing existing Type 2 and Type 3 boards with no change to existing functionality. Remainder boards will also be updated in the upcoming months to the revised board design
Nistune Feature Pack
26th of February, 2015

Feature Pack Rollout for core model Nissans with Nistune

Features Available in Feature Pack V1:
- Launch control
Fuel cut, and ignition timing retard functions triggered using either speed or clutch switch input

- Total injection multiplier
Removes the need for rescaling load in the ECU to make tuning quicker and easier

- Flex fuel support
Adding full functionality flex fuel and timing maps, flex fuel and timing content trims, and temperature enrichment trim tables). Limited models only

- Fan control adjustment
Nissan ECUs which have adjustable fan output can now control the speed and temperature ranges that the fans are operated in. Limited models only

- Minimum MAF voltage
Some Nissan ECUs contain a minimum MAF voltage which is hard coded. Nistune now provides a parameter for these models to lower the MAF voltage when using aftermarket MAFs

- Added VCT functionality
Adding VCT solenoid functionality to existing ECU hardware, replacing the often unused EGR (Exhaust Gas Regulator) solenoid output. Limited models only

- Enhanced tuning simplicity
Remove warm and cold start enrichment tables (only a single enrichment table is now used. Remove knock maps
(for fuel, timing etc)

Core models supported:

Type 1:
A31 RB20DET (11U0F for 72Lxx/73Lxx ECUs)
S13 CA18DET (36F0F, 39F0F, 44F0F)

Type 2:
HCR32 RB20DET (11U0F plus RB25 VCT)
BNR32 RB26DETT (05U6F)
HCR32 RB20DET (11U0F)
Z32 VG30DETT (41P0F, 41P1F)

Type 3:
S13 SR20DET (50F0F)
RNN14 SR20DET (54C0F JDM, 69C0F EDM)
B13 SR20DE (64Y0F plus VCT output)
S13 KA24DE (53F0F, 53F1F)
S14 SR20DET (74F0F JDM, 75F0F EDM)

Type 4:
S14A SR20DET (82F0F JDM, 83F0F ADM)
S15 SR20DET (91F0F JDM, 93F0F ADM)
ER34 RB25DET (AA50F, AA51F, AA56F)
WC34 RB25DET (0V81F, 0V80F 2WD/4WD)
P11 SR20DE (3J80F, 3J90F with VCT output)
1995 S14 KA24DE (72F0F - No flex fuel)
1996/97 B14 SR20DE (1M86x, 1M87x - No flex fuel)
1995 P10 G20 SR20DE (0J20F, 0J60F, 0J61F - No flex fuel)

More models to be added:
VL turbo/R31 RB30ET and Z31 VG30ET in the next month

More info here:

These will be delivered on all new boards, and existing customers can send in their board for a reflash upgrade
Flex fuel kits and sensors
28th of November, 2014

Continental Flex fuel sensors $90AUD
Nistune flex fuel converter board and harness $75AUD

More details:

Use our contact form for ordering these items. Limited stock!
Release 1.0 now available
30th of December, 2013

Grab version 1.0 from the Support > Downloads section!
Boards added to order form
10th of December, 2013

Type 4 OBD-II boards (1995-96 A32 Maxima, 1996 Z32 300ZX, 1996 S14 KA24DE) are now available on our ordering page
Nistune Type 5 and Type 4 OBD-II boards
23rd of September, 2013

Type 4 OBD-II board field testing has been completed. We will support 1995-1996 A32 Maxima, 1996 KA24DE and 1996 Z32 300ZX ECUs with this board (USDM based models). Pricing $300AUD RRP

Type 5 board field testing has been completed. We will support K11 Micra and S14 200SX SR20DE (NA) models with this board. Pricing $260AUD RRP
Adjustment to board prices
2nd of July, 2012

Due to increased operating costs board prices have increased by $20AUD per board from 1 July 2012

In order to compensate for this adjustment we have
(a) Provided a $20AUD discount when ordering with a software licence
(b) Increased discounts for workshops ordering boards using the tuners discount on our website
Updated Nistune Programmer software
31st of May, 2012

Workshops who use the Nistune base image programmer should download the latest NTProgCE 2.0 release. Improvements to the interface and communications with the programmer have been added
Website updates and ROM pack 2.3 Release
30th of July, 2011

Website has been updated with ECU part lists added, extra modification documents for R33 Skylines (Z32 ECU install and using R32 GTR ECU in an R33 guide) and general information updates

ROM Pack 2.3 has been released with R33 ECU images for Type 2 boards (R32/Z32 ECU) added as well as extra images collected over the past year
More supported ECUs added
3rd of November, 2010

Added Y60 Patrol (TB42E) and Q45 Infiniti (VH45DE) 1990-1992 models to the Type 2 listing

Note that we do not support TB45DE ECUs as these do not facilitate a daughterboard

Later model Q45 Infiniti 16 bit ECUs (1993-1995 models) were unable to write to the Type 3 board on the bench so we are unable to support the later model ECUs and recommend using the earlier model ECU with Type 2 board
Supported ECUs added
27th of October, 2010

P11 Primera SR20DE and later model K11 CG10DE/CG13DE ECUs have been added to the supported Type 4 board listings
Nistune Base Image Programmers updates
20th of October, 2010

Installation documents and NTProg software has been updated. These are available through the support pages on this website
Nistune Type 5 development update
1st of October, 2010

Type 5 is still under development. With the completion of the USB base image programmer built to load images into these boards, we have been able to successfully program the board. However there are still some issues with getting the ECUs to work with the boards which are being looked into
Type 4 OBD-II boards
1st of October, 2010

Our initial version of the Type 4 OBD-II board extended the previous Type 4 board with FLASH chips. We tested with S14 KA24DE OBD-II (1996 version) and it ran but had stability issues. We have now developed a second prototype which is undergoing testing using 4 x NVsRAM chips on the board
Nistune USB Base Image Programmers
23rd of September, 2010

We now have available new Nistune USB Base Image Programmers!

These will be a replacement for the previous printer port versions