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Type 4 board

Nistune Type 4 board
Type 4
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T4 Vehicle:
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ECU part 23710-xxxxx or A1x-xxx-xxx
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Type 4 board (Fitted)
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Type 4 boards cover the following later consult vehicles:

• B14 Sentra SE/SE-R / Lucino GSR/GSE (SR20DE) [upto 1997 only]*
• K11 Micra (CG10DE/CG13DE) [later model]
• N15 Pulsar (GA16DE)
• N15 Almera GTi (SR20DE)
• G20 Infiniti P10 (SR20DE) [upto 1997 only]*
• P11 Primera (SR20DE) [upto 1997 only]
• S13 180SX "Type R" / "Type X" (SR20DET)
• S14A Kouki Seris 2 Silvia/200SX (SR20DET)
• S15 Silvia/200SX (SR20DET)
• S14 240SX (KA24DE) [1995 only]*
• ER34 Skyline (RB25DET)
• WC34 Stagea late [JECS ECU only] (RB25DET)
• U13 Altima (KA24DE) [upto 1996 only]*
• Y33 Cedric (VQ30DET)

R34 RB25DE (Hitachi) - Not supported
R34 RB25DET (JECS) 23710/23740-AA5xx - Supported
WC34 S1 RB25DET (Hitachi) 23740-0V300 - Not supported
WC34 S2 RB25DET (JECS) 23710/23740-0V8xx - Supported
S14 SR20DET (Zenki Series 1 with Type 4) part numbers: 74F05, 74F15, 75F05, 75F15  - Supported

Nistune uses a daughterboard for realtime tuning using a modified version of Nissan Consult. It provides faster transfer rates, realtime modification of maps, constants and tables using the Nistune software.

Provided with 40 pin header adaptor, mounting screws and instructions (online)

Note: You will require consult cable to connect the laptop to your vehicle. Additionally tax, shipping and transaction fees may apply.

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