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Twin cam Nistune VL with RB20DET ECU (Type 2 board)

JPS Motorsports
Running 11.087 @ 134,JPS modified RB26 cylinder head,
280deg Camtech camshafts. 
Precision 6466/0.84 divided rear snail,
Billet crank,
RB26 oil pump w/billet gears, rear Head breather 
RB26 ITB's with 2.5" FMIC
6 boost divided manifold, 3.5" vband system tapering to 3" tailpump,  2" screamer
H-beam rods, Custom CP pistons and 5mm pins, 
HPX original MAF 4" housing, 2200cc injectors, LS2 coil packs 
10AN fuel feed rail w/dual 6AN returns,24Litre custom surge tank
Aeromotive 11180 geared fuel pump, Aeromotive 13109 fuel regulator w/8AN return.
Eboost2 5 stage timed boost control w/manual steering controls. 
Transmission C4 Auto fully rollerised w/3500rpm Dominator Hi-stall convertor and transbrake by AL race glides,
Flex fuel sensor and flex converter 

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Single cam Nistune VL with Nistune type 1 board

Custom plenum
1000 injectors
XF throttle body
TEO4 turbo. 18lb
Single cam
E85 fuel.
Jatco manualised auto
31 spline billet full spool rear end
Running 11.6 @ 114,



Nistune R32 GTR  with RB30/26 516 RWKW

Pump 98. HKS T51r turboInjectors are 1000cc Delphi injectors. Also using twin Z32 AFMs

Tuned by Chequered Tuning Keysborough, Vic. 

Nistune S14 1995 KA24DE+T, 418hp @ 23psi

Andy, AutoVaughnPerformance, United States

View Video On YouTube
Nistune ER34 Skyline RB25DET

Matt, Nistune, South Australia. Tuned at Morpowa by Pete from PLMS

ER34 (Skyline GTT) with RB25DET NEO engine and Garrett GT3071R. Running with 480CC Nismo injectors, Z32 MAF making 275rwkw up from previous stock turbo originally with 219rwkw
Nistune S14 / RB25DET (running RB20DET ECU / Type 2), 308 rwkw

Simon, Morpowa, South Australia

S14 with RB25DET + RB20DET loom and ECU. Turbo was a Garrett GT3076R with 0.63 rear housing. It was running Z32 AFM with 550cc injectors. It made 308rwkw.
Nistune RB20det 373rwkw

Jeff, The Speedlab, Turbotune, South Australia

Std Pistons and Rods
Std Camshafts
ACL rings and bearings
Metal head gasket
GTR inlet plenum
T04z Approx 33psi
850cc injectors
Nistune R32 board tuned by The SpeedLab

This was a workshop experimental project to see how much power could be made with a standard rb20det. Personally i was surprised that the standard pistons could handle more than 500hp. Somehow the engine is still running and shows no signs of blow-by or failure. However it was only ever run on the dyno at a fast ramp rate. I am sure if it was loaded up hard on the road it would fail eventually.

Some special cam timing and other little tricks were used... No problems controlling this with a standard ecu. Is there a more powerful standard internal rb20 out there?
Nistune S14 SR20det 323rwkw

Jeff, The Speedlab, Turbotune, South Australia

Arias Pistons
Scat Rods
Metal Head Gasket
Tomei Springs
Solid Pivots
Rocker-Arm Stoppers
HKS Cams 272in 264ex
Trust TD06
700cc injectors
Z32 MAF blow through
Nistune S14 board tuned by The SpeedLab

This was tuned a year ago. About 2 weeks ago the same car was run again and made 315rwkw on 23psi. Reliable and consistent tune with Nistune.
Nistune Datsun 910 Bluebird CA18DET, 244rwkw

Jeff, The Speedlab, Turbotune, South Australia

Ported Head
Some sort of cams
Forged Pistons
Steel Rods
Metal Head Gasket
Garrett GT2871R
650cc Injectors
Some Toluene in the tank
Nistune by The SpeedLab
Nistune 1982 Datsun 120Y CA18DET, 400HP

Rajiv Persad - Trinidad and Tobago
Dynoed at 25psi C16
Nistune Type 1
Forged pistons
Standard rods and crank
T60 turbo

Installed and tuned by - Lynden (Spartan Performance)
Nistune RB30E+T Standard Comp fitted to VN Commodore (Type 1), graph for 274rwkw, peaked @ 286rwkw

Luke, Victoria. Home tuned at final tuning performed at Status Tuning, Victoria

The car did end up making 286rwkw @ 20psi on a 100% internally stock RB30 high comp motor. - although it tried to squeeze the gasket out the side of the block the next day! (no detonation marks on the flame rings, just stretched!) - but not until it ran a 12.3 and a highest of 116mph. Only managed to save the dyno sheet for 274rwkw @ 20psi, but thought it might be worth chucking it up on the results page

The full specs and details of the hi-comp boost experiment are on the CalaisTurbo Forum

but in brief, 100% stock 250,000km rb30 motor. only two maintenance items i'd done were ACL monotorque head gasket (aftermarket stock replacement) and some fresh valve springs i had lying around. - moreso preventative maintenance really! - Standard N/A cam, no head work at all etc. Motor was a little down on comp accross all cylinders, just a little tired I think. Z32 AFM and 750cc siemens 3145 injectors.

Anyway - The turbo is a GT3582R with .82 rear. I have a "4800"-ish stall converter (intended for the built motor I'm putting in now) - it seems that by the time my foot touches the floor, it's at full boost! View Video On YouTube

Not only did the car pull a good peak power number on the dyno, Trent @ status tuning (I highly recommend them) did a remarkable job at making the car drive smoothly and happily! - no grumpiness, and he managed to smooth out any reversion issues with a few magic tricks! - after it was tuned professionally, I would have been happy to throw the keys to my girlfriend (in the dry) - which is testament to the tune-ability of the system!
NIStune-powered 200SX S13, 382rwhp @ 1.7bar

Noel Uhure, United Kingdom

Just a bit of feedback on my NIStune-powered 200SX S13. Had NIStune installed for 2 days (no issues whatsoever), and managed 382.8bhp & 326.2lbft @ the hubs on a DynaPack dynamometer. The run was cut short due to mechanical sympathy. Quick spec: 1030kg, standard 1.8 CA18DET (2 x standard headgasket + over-torqued head), T70 (Garrett T61) @ 1.7 bar, 510cc injectors @ 2.8bar. No knock at all. The AFRs are lean off-boost due to a leaking V-Band. Just like to say a big 'Thank You' to Matt for designing such a wonderful management option. This could well be the highest power from a non-forged CA, trying to find out what else is out there. Having a lot of fun exploring how far I can push the standard engine. With a new (fully forged) build on the way, I'm going to stick with NIStune (obviously) and standard ECU with a twin-MAF set-up.
NIStune Results on RNN Pulsar GTI-R, 418rwhp @ 1.5bar

Ed, Fusion Motorsports, United Kingdom

Well had my first car with a map near completion dyno'ed today. Its a RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R with Fusion 3071 turbo, 800cc injectors, Q45 MAF, Front mount intercooler, forged engine, 2.5 inch exhaust etc. Tested on a dyno dynamics rolling road using SHOOT_44 dyno mode. Could have got more, but clutch is near its limit. Looking good I'm quite pleased.

Results: 418bhp@ 7250 rpm 1.5bar boost. 380lb/ft @ 5250. 328bhp @ wheels. 310ish lb @ wheels. Q45 MAF tops out (about 417HP / 310rwkw)
NIStune on VL Commodore RB30ET, 215rwkw @ 9psi (standard RB30ET AFM)

RB30ET with GTR injectors, Current result is about 215rwkw @ 9psi. Michael found that factory RB30ET MAF peaks out at 190-200rwkw on this run. He is getting a Z32 MAF which can measure up to about 320rwkw.
NIStune on SR20 180SX

Pete, PLMS Developments, South Australia

These are from Petes pages at PLMS Developments. Lots more NIStune results available here from SRs that he has tuned.

Visit The PLMS Developments Website