Software Downloads
Nistune Software Release
For what to download, refer to our Software users manual

Nistune Version 1.3.24 (EXE) 
Release. 19 May 2020

Nistune ROM File Pack 2.12 (EXE)
Released 9 Mar 2018

- Standard Nissan ROM files and Nistune ENT program files
Note: ROM pack will move previous ROM packs to a backup folder. If your tunes were saved in the previous ROM pack location then we advise you move them to a separate folder.
Nistune FP 2.0 ROM File Pack 2.11 (EXE)
Released 9 Dec 2019

- Install this in conjunction with the latest ROM pack
- Extra features include inverted flex fuel function, cranking enrich flex fuel adjustment
- Extra vehicles supported
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable (EXE)

Install this package if you get missing DLL errors when running Nistune

NOTE: Each version currently listed above has 180 day usage period which resets when a later version is downloaded and installed from here. This is done so people don't run with older versions for too long as we frequently update the software with fixes and new features.

Trial version: Click the 'trial' button when the registration window appears. Time limited to 10 minutes for three sessions

Base Image Programmer Board
Nistune NTProg Version 3.5 32/64 bit (EXE)
Release 18 Aug 2014

Note: Only for reprogramming Nistune boards with a Nistune Base Image programmer. USB only boards (version V7) under Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)


Nistune NTProg Version 3.2 32 bit (EXE)
Release 5 April 2013

Note: Only for reprogramming Nistune boards with the older style Nistune Base Image programmer. Parallel versions Rev2-Rev5B under Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit)

Type 1 Diagnostic Utilities
Microsoft USB View (ZIP)

For identifying which USB devices are physically connected to your laptop
FTDI Clean (ZIP)

For uninstalling & cleaning out FTDI drivers