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Nistune Software Installation and Users Manual

How to use the Nistune software. Comprehensive instructions
Updated 2/4/2019. Version 2.1
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Nissan ECU Tuning Basics

A beginners guide to tuning basics for those getting started
Updated 3/8/2010
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Nistune Feature Pack Documentation

Information on using the Feature Pack 1 and 2 updates with Nistune
(VCT, launch control, flex fuel, total injection multiplier, fan control, boost control, latency table)
Updated 30/1/2019
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Nistune Installation and Communications Diagnostics

Follow this if you cannot connect to your ECU or your engine is not running after following our other manuals
Updated 8/4/2014
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Nistune MAF and Consult Port Wiring

This sheet provides the various MAF pin outs used for wiring in a different MAF to your Nissan. Also provided are ECU consult plug pin outs used for diagnosis and when wiring in consult plugs for engine transplants
Updated 21/1/2019
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Nistune Mapping Guide

ECU explanation and details about maps and how to use them. Very important for getting started
Updated 22/1/2019
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Nistune Software Users Supplement

Miscellaneous information about Nistune and its workings
Updated 24/5/2009

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Nistune Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy covering what information we collect and how it is used
Updated 24/5/2018