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Technical Bulletins
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Nistune Boost Control Guide

Information on using the S14 and S15 boost control maps with Nistune
Updated 5/8/2014
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Nistune Boost Control - Information from Chris on Nistune forums

Further information on using the S15 boost control with Nistune
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Nistune Knock sensor information

Notes on disabling knock sensors for SR20/NEO ECUs
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Nistune ADM/EDM and JDM Conversion for S14A/S15

Notes on swapping ECUs between models and disabling NATS
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Nistune Board Match List

List of ECU part numbers supported and corresponding Nistune boards and adaptors
Updated 30/7/2011
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Nissan ECU Manufacturer Part List

List of JECS/Hitachi ECU part numbers and corresponding Nissan ECU part numbers
Updated 30/7/2011
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Technical Bulletin 1

Type 1 blank board ordering notes for distributors and workshops
Updated 17/10/2020
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Technical Bulletin 2

Type 1 MAF Upgrade spiking issues for R31, VLT and Z31 ECUS
Updated 23/10/2019

Emulation Documentation
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NIStune Emulator Tutorial

A guide on how to use Calumsult Boards, Moates emulators with third party EPROM boards
(Covers K11, S14/S15/B14 ECUs KBM40AA board install and running in detail)
Updated 20/3/2009
Testing Documentation
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Emulator Verification

Regression test results with dual Moates Ostrich 2.0 Emulators
Updated 3/6/2009