Installation Documentation

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NIStune Soldering Guide

Equipment and advice on how to desolder the ECU and install the boards
Updated 24/11/2007


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Nistune Feature Pack Hardware Installation

Instruction for wiring in flex fuel, launch control, VCT output and boost control for Feature Pack
Added HCR32 RB25DET wiring for various VCT options and using FICD on Series 2 R33 via relay
Added R31/VLT/Z31 flex fuel and launch control support wiring
Updated 9/12/2019


Nistune Type 1 ECUs

CR31 Skyline (RB30E)
HR31 Skyline (NICS/ECCS RB20DET)
VL/Turbo Commodore (RB30E/RB30ET)
Z31 300ZX (VG30E, VG30ET) 1984-1989
A31 Cefiro (RB20DET)
J30 Maxima (VG30E)
S13 Silvia (CA18DE/DET)
S13 Stanza / 240SX (KA24E)
N13 Pulsar (CA16DE)
N13 Pulsar (CA18DE)
U12 Bluebird (CA18DE)
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Type 1 Hardware Install Sheet
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Type 1 Rev 3 Hardware Installation Manual
Updated 23/4/2022
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Type 1 Diagnostics Document
Updated 19/11/2006
Nistune Type 2 ECUs

M30 Infiniti (VG30E)
ECR32 Skyline (RB25DE)
ECR33 Skyline (RB25DET)*1
HCR32 Skyline (RB20DET)
BNR32 Skyline (RB26DETT GTR)
BNCR33 Skyline (RB26DETT GTR)*2
BNCR34 Skyline (RB26DETT GTR)*3
Q45 Infiniti (VH45DE)*4
U12 Stanza / Bluebird (KA24E)
Y60 Patrol (TB42E)
Z32 Fairlady 300ZX (VG30DETT)

*Conditions apply. Refer to information page
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Type 2 Hardware Install Sheet
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Type 2 Hardware Installation Manual
Updated 25/7/2012


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Type 2 Z32 300ZX ECU for RB25DET Hardware Modification Guide (V10)
Updated 26/5/2013
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Type 2 BNR32 GTR Skyline ECU Modifciation guide for R33/R34 GTR Skyline
Updated 25/9/2014
Nistune Type 3 ECUs

B13 Sentra/NX2000 (SR20DE)
J30 Maxima (VE30DE)
N14/N15 Pulsar (SR18DE, SR20DE)
P10 Primera (SR20DE)
RNN14 Pulsar (SR20DET)
S13 180SX (SR20DET)
S13 Silvia (SR20DE,DET)
S13 240SX (KA24DE)
S14 Silvia (SR20DET) [early model]
Q45 Infiniti (VH45DE)*
U12/U13 Bluebird (SR20DET)
W10 Avenir (SR20DET)
Z32 300ZX (late) (VG30DE/DETT) 

*Special order
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Type 3 Hardware Install Sheet
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Type 3 Hardware Installation Manual
Updated 28/3/2012


Nistune Type 4 ECUs

B14 Sentra/NX2000 (SR20DE) [upto 1995 only]
ER34 Skyline (RB25DET)
K11 Micra (CG10DE/CG13DE) [later model]
G20 Infiniti P10 (SR20DE) [upto 1997 only]
N15 Pulsar/Almera GTi (GA16DE)
P11 Primera (SR20DE) [upto 1997 only]
S13 180SX "Type R" / "Type X" (SR20DET)
S14A Silvia/200SX (SR20DET)
S15 Silvia/200SX (SR20DET)
S14 240SX 1995 (KA24DE)
U13 Altima (KA24DE) [upto 1995 only]
W10 Aenir (SR20DET) [1997 or later only]
WC34 Stagea (RB25DET) [Late Model & JECS ECU]
Y33 Cedric (VQ30DET)
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Type 4 Hardware Installation Manual
Updated 14/2/2013
Nistune Type 5 ECUs

S14 180SX (SR20DE) [65F00]
K11 Micra (CG10DE/CG13DE) [0U0xx, 44Bxx, 71Bxx, 72Bxx, 74Bxx, 99Bxx]
B14 Sentra (GA16DE) [0M2xx]
N14 Pulsar (GA16DE) [65Cxx]
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Type 5 Hardware Installation Manual
Updated 12/3/2013
Other documentation
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Nistune Warranty Documentation
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Nistune RMA Form